Fallow Deer Hunting Australia

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The New England Ranges

Northern NSW Australia!

Experience some of the best Free Range Fallow Deer Hunting in Australia.

Late March through to late April is the Fallow Deer Rut.

Now is the time to book your 2021-22 Fallow Buck Rut Hunt in Northern NSW.

Experience our way of life in the scenic New England Ranges

hunting mature free range Fallow Bucks during the rut.


We have some of the finest Fallow Deer Hunting country in Australia. Located in the beautiful Fallow Buck and Chital Stag countryside of the New England Ranges of New South Wales.

We can provide quality trophy hunting in the Fallow Deer Rut beginning late March through to early May.

Fallow Deer Rut Hunt
New Accommodation

Our new hunting lodge was completed in 2013. The lodge can accommodate 1 - 6 hunters and boasts a hot shower, flushing toilet,  dinning area, pot belly wood stove, veranda and Satilite TV. We have a new meat room. Spectacular views from the verandah over a late breakfast is a must see.

Fallow Meat Hunt

Special Meat Deer Hunt Offer - Meat hunt / cull hunt - Packages 2 day semi guided meat hunts, 2 nights accommodation, cold room storage, semi guided, 2 fallow deer does or cull stags* per person.

Hunter provides his own meals/drinks/sleeping bag.

“I love hunting Fallow Deer and this is the place

to do it.”


Mark Daddow has some beautiful country and it's a great experience!

— David Berner Sydney NSW

I have been hunting the New England Ranges with outfitter and guide Mark Daddow for 10 years now.


"lt just keeps getting better”

— AussieJohn Gold Coast QLD

Mark has hunted in many parts of the world including Hungary, England, Spain, Canada, USA, New Caledonia, New Zealand, and Africa.

Mark has 30 years of experience within the Tourism Industry.

We are avid sportsmen with a passion for hunting - why don't you join us for your next great hunting adventure.

April 17, 2018

Fallow Deer Hunting NSW Australia April Rut 2018

April 16, 2018

AussieJohn prepared fresh venison for the table April Rut 2018

April 16, 2018

AussieJohn & his daughter Mary take home 2 great bucks

April 15, 2018

Dad & Daughter Fallow deer Rut Hunt NSW 2018

April 14, 2018

All the trophy heads are caped, pips and ears turned, skulls boiled and pressure washed ready for your taxidermist.

April 14, 2018

Returning client Rick arrowed a great buck April 2018

April 13, 2018

April is Fallow Deer Rut time in NSW Australia and this was an early start in late March with Jens great archery buck!

April 10, 2018

First hunter scored a fabulous buck in late March 2018.

June 10, 2017

The 2017 Fallow Rut was a little warmer than usual in the New England ranges of Northern NSW. Our season was fully booked out and we had a lot of guiding to do. This year saw fallow buck guide Mark Daddow put his hunters onto some pretty amazing free range fallow bucks...

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Fallow Deer Hunting April 201817
Fallow Deer Rut 2018 Rick
Fallow Deer Hunt Rut 2018 April Jen
Young Marys Fallow Buck Rut Hunt
Fallow Deer Hunting NSW
AussieJohn Fallow Buck
Rob Templar Fallow Buck
Free Range Fallow Buck
Huge Free Range Fallow Buck
Muzzle Loader Fallow Buck
Great Buck Taken 2017
Happy Clients - Fallow Buck
AussieJohn 2013 Fallow Buck
Fallow Buck Sunset
Fallow Buck Rut Hunt
Meat Deer Hunt
Fallow Buck Rut 2017
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Mark Daddow, the owner of and head Professional Guide-Outfitter of Australian Fallow Deer Hunting and Severn Safaris has been a keen rifle and bow hunter since the age of 12. Mark, over the decades, has built up a wealth of knowledge of the habitat his game resides in and an intimate knowledge the game animals he both hunts and guides. We are avid sportsmen with a passion for hunting - why don't you join us for your next great hunting adventure

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